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Pottery painting studio and café in Stockport

We went to a great little pottery painting studio and café in Stockport today – perfect for a rainy day activity.

A good choice of drinks and cakes at Brooklyn
A good choice of drinks and cakes at Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a lovely, quirky venue which lets you choose from a wide range of pottery and ceramics (plates, mugs, money boxes, ornaments, figurines) to paint. Once you’ve finished painting your items, you leave them with the team there to put in the kiln, before collecting them a week later.

The lady in the shop was really helpful, giving me a hand with getting baby R’s footprints onto a plate and also keeping C distracted when he was getting a bit too boisterous! I would have liked to have stayed for a bit longer, but C’s attention span wasn’t up for sitting still for too long this time round.

Definitely one to try out sometime if you live nearby (the cakes and coffee are really good too!).

Lots of different ceramics on a shelf which visitors to the Brooklyn pottery cafe in Stockport can paint
A range of the ceramics available to paint at Brooklyn in Stockport

Good to know…

Cost: A coffee, apple juice, two cakes, and painting one large plate, an aeroplane moneybox and mini skateboard came to just under £30

Time spent there: Just over an hour (the three year old got a bit restless and had too much energy to sit still for too long!)

Tip: Some of the ceramics you can paint are quite expensive due to the size of them, but if you need a personal present for a relative or friend they’d be great

A little boy painting ceramics
Painting ceramics at Brooklyn pottery cafe in Stockport
Painting ceramics
Painting ceramics
Painting baby's feet to print onto a plate
Painting baby’s feet to print onto a plate
A hand painted blue for handprinting
Caught blue handed
Paint brushes galore
Paint brushes galore

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